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Gerald Heller for Tamarac Mayor

I am running against the current Vice Mayor whom along with the current mayor had many years but failed, in my opinion, to have Tamarac reach the city's Full potential. I was advisor to the Broward County Small Business Board for four years and have worked with city commissioners, city mayors, county commissioners and county officials for the betterment of The City of Tamarac and The county as a whole. I owned several local businesses and had the opportunity to employ some great talent. I am an electronic Engineer by trade and was President of a Successful World wide electronics company that hired thousands of people. We worked with NASA and some of the top defense manufacturers in the nation. Nothing gave me more pride as a businessman as helping people obtain employment and providing them an opportunity. I continue to this day, to help as many people as I can. This is why despite losing the race as Tamarac Commissioner for district 3 I now continue my pursuit for public office and becoming your next mayor of Tamarac.

I have the knowledge, compassion, intelligence, maturity and VISION that the City of Tamarac needs.

I understand how important it is for our local citizens of Tamarac to want and need good, stable employment opportunities. I want to bring these great Jobs to our city and help the County bring other businesses nearby so more good folks can support themselves and or family in a respectable and proper manner. I am thoroughly vetted as a politically non-affiliated, experienced business leader. I am resident of West Broward since 1977, raised my family of three children and have been happily married for over 60 years to same amazing wife. I know if I am elected Mayor, the City of Tamarac will become a City of Excellence that Cities across this great Country will be emulating.

I appreciate your support and will do my best to represent you honestly and without a personal agenda. I believe that the City of Tamarac is a growing and changing community and the decisions we make can have a great impact on the citizens of Tamarac. A case in point is the effort by the city to locate a major Charter School High School/Middle School in our Sports Complex. I took the leadership role in it's defeat. I am also a proud proponent of strong gun safety laws and support the efforts by Stoneman Douglas Students and other leaders who support gun control legislation in our cities and our State to make our residents safer. As your next mayor of the city of Tamarac I will do whatever I can to make sure our concerns are given the proper consideration as Tamarac grows and the demographics change. As a business leader and past Adviser to the county, I understand the importance of the business community of our City. I am a proud Kingspoint and Tamarac Resident and I want our city to be the very best! The Citizens of Tamarac, the families, children, seniors, disabled, and all the great folks of our City need an active mayor protecting their rights and assuring their safety, security and lifestyle. If you want to be part of The Tamarac movement to insure Tamarac is a City of Excellence and moving towards the future, than help me get elected by volunteering your time and or donating , by please visiting my website at GeraldHeller.com. Lets' Do This Together.

Tamarac A City of Excellence For All