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As a young boy in Brooklyn I was always intrigued by city politics.  Dad was an AFL union organizer, leader and Printer. My mom had a dress business; she conducted in my brother and my bedroom, in our tiny East Flatbush apartment.   My family life was stifled with drama. My mom had breast cancer which she survived for five extremely painful years ending her life at the age 51. My dad battled depression and died 2 years later from alcohol addiction related causes.

My influences were my elementary school teaches that were aware of my family situation and saw that when I was in school and after, I was well taken care of. I had extraordinary ability in mathematics and a calm demeanor and necessarily independent. I literally worked and contributed to the family from the age of eight and have continued to now at the age of eighty. I am leading an international team to create a brand of high technology products in the United States.

But getting back to my childhood; Mrs. Hoyback, Kindergarten, Mrs. Lesslie first grade (only 6 months ) I was promoted early to second grade) with Mrs. Archbold, Miss  Judge third grade (recognized my mathematic propensity and had me doing advanced algebra at home), Ms. Field fourth grade home teacher and school music teacher ( made me a listener, I was too nervous when I had to sing alone and my voice cracked terribly), Mr. Kingsley  fifth grade, Mrs. Walsh 6th grade, Mr. Meloch 7th grade and most of all Mr. Reich 8th grade home room and math teacher  collectively were my beloved mentors. I was president of every class. Nature room caretaker, projectionist, lieutenant of the guards, and any and every other opportunity they could think of to keep me occupied and diverted from my dysfunctional environs.

Education is obviously very important to me. I studied the Charter School Issue carefully before I chose to fight against the location chosen, and insured its defeat. It was a bad idea and should not have caused the anxiety to most Tamarac residents, particularly our senior population. My daughter Randee, sons Mark, my campaign manager and Michael went to public schools in Coral Springs. We are 40 year residents in Tamarac/Coral Springs.  My Children all received an excellent education and as a result have successful careers.

I subsequently worked my way through 12 years of colleges to become president, and in some cases owner of 8 public and private successful companies, in the US and abroad.  A Jewish boy from Brooklyn made good. My thoughts for public service were always on my mind.

I am an Advisor to the Broward County Board of Advisors, appointed by Stacy Ritter, for Small Business and Disadvantage Opportunities. I am running for Mayor City of Tamarac. There are 5 candidates running for the office. All fine and caring people as are all the city commissioners presently serving. I am the late comer in the race but truly the most qualified.

As advisor to Broward County for four years I work with city commissioners, city mayors, county commissioners and county officials for the betterment of Broward District 3 and the county as a whole.  I am thoroughly vetted as a politically nonaffiliated, experienced business leader. I have district 3 residences and business best interest. I appreciate your support and will do my best to represent you honestly and without a personal agenda.    

Now “Here is the rest of the story”, I fell in love at the age of 19 with my wife of 60 years, Francine Katz. We married 6 months later. We were living at my in-laws, working and going to school. I delivered meat on weekends for my father-in law, Highway Meats, Ocean Avenue and Kings Highway.  The Trumps were customers and Donald’s mom was my best tipper (a Quarter). Donald’s dad Fred Trump got us our first apartment in his rent controlled building on Kings Highway and Bedford Avenue. They lived a block away.

We had to move from my in-laws because we were blessed with a beautiful addition Randee, and still in the tiny apartment on Ocean Avenue with my in-laws. Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, lived on Kings Highway and 26th Street, one block from our rent controlled apartment building that was owned by Donald’s dad. It’s a small world. Bernie Sanders went to James Madison High as did Francine Katz, my wife. She was a senior and Chief Justice of the school while Bernie was a freshman.