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I am running for Mayor of the City of Tamarac

I am running against the current mayor whom had many years, but failed in my opinion, to have Tamarac reach the city's potential.
I, As an adviser on Broward County Small Business Board for four years have worked with city commissioners, city mayors, county commissioners and county officials for the betterment of Broward District 3 and the county as a whole. I am thoroughly vetted as a politically non-affiliated, experienced business leader.

I have District 3 Kings Point residences all Tamarac residents and Tamarac business best interest. Vote for Gerald Heller.

I appreciate your support and will do my best to represent you honestly and without a personal agenda.

I believe that the City of Tamarac is a growing and changing community and the decisions we make can have a great impact on our Senior population. A case in point is the effort by the city to locate a major Charter School High School/Middle School in our Sports Complex. I took the leadership role in its defeat. As your mayor city of Tamarac I will do whatever I can to make sure our concerns are given the proper consideration as Tamarac grows and the demographics change. As a business leader and Adviser to the county, I understand the importance of the business community of our City. Our Senior Citizens need an active commissioner protecting their rights and assuring their safety, security and lifestyle.

Tamarac A City of Excellence For All