Gerald Heller has assisted many companies both large and small, understand not only their financial performance but also the strategic implications “behind the numbers” and the potential opportunities for their future. With a background in engineering, finance and experience across a wide variety of industries including: technology, healthcare, biotech, distribution, utilities and consumer product manufacturing, he has qualified to participate successfully in a broad range of businesses. He is and has appropriate licensees for Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate for Business Acquisition and Management purposes as president of Heller Capital for 15 years in South Florida. He was Executive VP and Board Member of Gold Coast Venture Capital over a 25 year period. During that time he Mentored for Florida Atlantic University and consulted at FAU Innovation/Incubation Facility. Mr. Heller cooperated with FAU and other universities and government agencies as CEO of Klean Marine, developing technology to help Clean the BP oil spill. Mr. Heller as CEO of Umbrella Technology and working member of IEEE 802.11 Standards Committee help to develop the standards for Wi-Fi technology. 

In Gerald Heller’s earlier years, he was president and part owner of Data Device Corporation for 10 years. Under his leadership DDC became a major international electronics corporation. The company was sold to ILC, a subsidiary of Rapid America. Following DDC, Mr. Heller restructured Optel, a public LCD electronic display, solar research, watch module, and watch manufacturer. As a result, $20,000,000, 100 million at todays value, debt was retired. With GE Capital financing the company merged with Big L (Levitt) resulting in a 500% appreciation for the stock and credit holders. Mr. Heller then started a Manufacturer’s Representative firm in Florida. HAI became a top 3 company representing Panasonic, GE, Tyco and other major corporations. After 15 years he sold HAI to invest and direct the restructure of Datel, an electronic company in Massachusetts where he was introduced to Snapple.


When introducing Snapple of South Florida as an exclusive distributor to the South Florida market, he attained 100% of the available market in 2 years. Snapple of South Florida was at a 10 million dollar level (one million cases sold) when Mr. Heller sold the Snapple rights back to Snapple just prior to Snapple going public. Mr. Heller was successful at negotiating and acquiring major national accounts and 3,500 South Florida accounts representing 15% of Snapple’s total sales. Gerald Heller was the Director of Business Development for a local electronic company, He increased sales and assets 10 fold in 2 yearsThe company was a combined independent and authorized/franchised, stocking and value-added assembly supplier of connectors, connector accessories, wire management and heat shrink products for military, aerospace, medical, and industrial applications. It was merged into a larger distributorship August 2013. In 2016 Mr. Heller formed Jonhon USA a representative for a Billion Dollar International Electro-Mechanical Company for the North American market.


Gerald Heller is an Electronic Engineer and has many years of research/development and management at General Applied Science Laboratories, Grumman Aircraft, AT&T, Data Device Corporation, DatelOptel and Solid State Scientific. He is a life time member of IEE and was a working member of the Wireless Communications 8.11 Standards Committee. He has been in the for front of technologies in Military Avionics and Navel instrumentation, E-Reader technology, Solar Battery, Display and Personal Computer technology. He specialized in structuring state of the art technology into profitable production.

Mr. Heller has 60 years of public service. 40 years in Florida as County Advisor for Small Business an Economic Development, City and Community Boards, University and Business Consultant and Management. In NY while president of DDC he was also President of the Long Island Manufacturers Association. He is a contributor to numerous electronic publications and has had presence in Business Week, Inc. Magazine, Newsday and Current Trade Blogs. Mr. Heller has a significant reputation with Private Equity Companies that he intends to bring to Tamarac’s attention.